2GB To 4GB Memory Card Converter Download

Convert 2GB Memory Card To 4 GB, 2GB To 4GB Software
2GB to 4GB Converter

Free download 2gb to 4gb memory card, pendrive converter software. 2gb-4gb software download. How to convert my 2gb pendrive or memory into 4gb. Drive Memory increaser software download, increase your flash drive memory up to 4gb. Most popular and tested software. Full free direct download memory card increaser software to make your pendrive or memory card into 4 gb. Very simple and easy software to convert your memory card 2gb to 4gb. This software is also applicable for 1gb to 4gb. Download and and enjoy.

How to make your memory, pendrive 2Gb to 4GB

Follow the Process:
1. Download the software from the below
2. Extract the software in a folder and open that folder

Step 1

3. Connect your pendrive, memory card to PC, Use card reader for Memory card.
4. Rename or give a name for your pendrive or memory card, Lets give a name like as ” Esoftware24″
5. Now go to that folder where you extracted the software and open Driver increaser2.bat

6. It will ask your pendrive, memory card name. Just give your name on the software [cmd]. I will give Esoftware24 because I had rename it by this name.


7. It will ask you now enter the drive letter. Go to my computer and see which drive contain the pendrive or memory card. Most of the time the H drive contain it. Just type H and press inter.
8. Wait until the process complete.
9. Check your 2GB, 1GB pendrive or memory card, Its now 4GB. Enjoy!! If you usful by it then share the post everywhere or your friends. Thank you.

Download Software
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